If you are buying or selling a home, you want qualified attorneys to protect your interests. The sale or purchase of a home is the single largest investment that most people make. To make certain that you get the outcome you need and expect, you want attorneys who understand the intricate details of real estate transactions, including all of the risks involved and resources needed.

From offer to sale, the law firm of Jennings & Jennings handles all aspects of buying and selling real estate so that you can feel confident about a smooth and precise transaction. In furtherance of your real estate transaction, we can:

  • Conduct your real estate closing

  • Assist in sale by owner transactions

  • Draft or review your sales contract

  • Negotiate real estate agreements

  • Review your lending documents

  • Perform title examinations

Buy or sell your home with confidence

Let Jennings & Jennings assist you with your real estate legal needs. Call our office for a free consultation over the phone or in-person at our convenient office location in downtown Richmond, Kentucky.


In addition to residential real estate transactions, our attorneys can assist clients in commercial real estate matters such as:

  • Commercial purchase and sale transactions

  • Title insurance procurement and review

  • Commercial leasing

  • Commercial contracts

  • Real estate financing

  • Commercial landlord tenant matters

  • Zoning and land use disputes

  • Quiet title actions

  • Foreclosure of mortgages on behalf of banks, financial institutions, and private lenders

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